How big is the solar system?

the scale of the Photo voltaic system It might appear to be you’ve gotten a easy reply, nonetheless, there isn’t any universally agreed-upon definition of the place our photo voltaic system ends. There are three potential definitions of the place our photo voltaic system ends: the heliopause, the sting of the oort cloudand the gravitational … Read more

Leadership in sustainability: management for the health of your company and the planet

Efficient leaders have lengthy understood the significance of taking a public stand on environmental, social, and governance points. Nevertheless, enterprise leaders taking motion to make sure a wholesome environmental future and doing one thing to attain that objective are two very various things. Picture: Shutterstock men 1996, Starbucks lowered paper cup waste by 50% through … Read more

Capturing the start of galaxy rotation in the early universe

After the Huge Bang got here the primary galaxies. Because of the enlargement of the universe, these galaxies are transferring away from us. This causes their emissions to be redshifted (shifted in the direction of longer wavelengths). By finding out these redshifts, it’s attainable to characterize the “movement” inside galaxies, in addition to their distance. … Read more

Astronomy and Astrophysics 101: Dark Matter

This can be a NASA/ESA Hubble House Telescope picture of the galaxy cluster Abell 370. Proven in blue within the picture is a map of the darkish matter discovered throughout the cluster. This cluster was a part of a examine of 72 colliding galaxy clusters that decided that darkish matter interacts with different darkish matter … Read more

Jackson: Sometimes the planets seem aligned in favor of the forces of darkness | Janet and Jackson

Janet Y. Jackson Put up-dispatch from St. Louis Not too long ago, the media all over the world reported on a uncommon celestial phenomenon dubbed “the nice parade of planets”. The occasion, which had not been seen in 18 years, started on June 14 and ended on Monday. It featured 5 planets and the moon … Read more