Breaking the strongest chemical bonds with laser shock compression

Laser-driven shock waves reaching a number of million atmospheres break the extraordinarily sturdy triple bond of nitrogen molecules and launch a fraction of the L-shell electrons from the dissociated atoms. Credit score: Liam Krauss/LLNL Scientists at Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory (LLNL) just lately obtained high-precision thermodynamic information on sizzling, dense nitrogen beneath excessive situations that … Read more

Physicists grapple with neutron lifetime puzzle

From left, ORNL’s Matthew Frost and Leah Broussard used a neutron scattering instrument on the spallation neutron supply to seek for a darkish matter twin with the neutron. Credit score: Genevieve Martin/ORNL, US Division of Vitality. To unravel a long-standing puzzle about how lengthy a neutron can “reside” outdoors an atomic nucleus, physicists thought of … Read more

Study identifies a tidal disruption event that coincides with the production of a high-energy neutrino

Intense radiation from the TDE particles disk across the black gap (heart) heats the encircling mud till it begins to radiate brightly within the infrared. This course of is named mud echo. Credit score: Scientific Communication Laboratory and DESY. Excessive-energy neutrinos are extremely fascinating subatomic particles which might be produced when very quickly charged particles … Read more

Is this new neutrino the key to finding dark matter?

Each second, 100 trillion spooky little particles referred to as neutrinos undergo your physique Nearly all of them shoot by your pores and skin with out interacting in any respect. Their shyness makes these particles particularly tough for physicists to detect. However in current many years, the world of neutrino physics has taken on a … Read more

The fate of science modeled and explained in a new study

Credit score: CC0 Public Area What’s the widespread thread between mRNA vaccines, genomic medication, NASA’s mission to the moon, and harnessing nuclear energy? They’ve all been merchandise of the convergence of science, the place information from a number of scientific disciplines is built-in into the brand new common information that drives fashionable civilization. Within the … Read more

Long-term liquid water also on non-Earth-like planets?

Low-mass planets with a primordial ambiance of hydrogen and helium might have the temperatures and pressures that enable water within the liquid section. The presence of liquid water is favorable for all times, so these planets probably harbor unique habitats for billions of years. Credit score: ยฉ (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) – Thibaut Roger – Universitรคt … Read more

Tetraneutron: an exotic state of matter is discovered

A protracted-standing query in nuclear physics is whether or not uncharged nuclear methods can exist. Solely neutron stars characterize practically pure neutron methods, the place neutrons are compressed by gravitational drive to very excessive densities. The experimental seek for remoted multi-neutron methods has been an ongoing seek for a number of a long time, with … Read more

Neutrinos: “ghostly chameleons” become even more mysterious

Neutrinos have lengthy been one of the vital puzzling and mysterious subatomic particles recognized, however they grew to become extra complicated after two teams of scientists introduced conflicting outcomes. Neutrinos are like ghostly chameleons Neutrinos are sometimes mentioned to be the ghosts of the world of physics as a result of they work together little … Read more